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Census 2020 Questions

As the United States approaches the next decennial census, a legal firestorm has been ignited due to the Trump Administration’s desire to include a question on citizenship.  In mid-January, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled the citizenship question could not be placed on the survey.  See New York v. […]

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What can you wear to the polls?

The United States Supreme Court held Minnesota’s prohibition of individuals wearing “political badge, political button, or other political insignia” at the polls violated the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment

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Is it okay to give staff time off to vote?

The answer is yes, absolutely! However, employers do not have to give staff time off to vote in South Carolina.  There is no federal law requiring employers to allow their workers time to vote, but 30 states have chosen to grant protection to employees who want to vote during work hours.  For example, in Georgia, […]

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Straight Party Voting

By statute, the South Carolina legislature allows for and requires the option for straight-ticket voting.  South Carolina Code §7-13-330 provides the instructions for ballot forms, and South Carolina Code §7-13-1340 (b) requires that voting devices “permit each elector … to vote a straight party or body ticket, in one operation[.]” South Carolina is one of […]

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How to Change Your Voter Registration

This is a topic that is very familiar to me—I just did it last week when I moved.  It is extremely easy to change your voter registration in South Carolina and there are several ways to do so. First—and what I wish I had known—you can simply change your address with the South Carolina Department […]

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