Mediation & Arbitration

In addition to their litigation practices, several Robinson Gray attorneys are Supreme Court of South Carolina Certified Mediators and Arbitrators.  We recognize that many individuals and businesses choose to negotiate their cases outside of the courtroom and, in fact, South Carolina state and federal courts often require the parties to mediate. At Robinson Gray, our mediators offer experience and balance to assist you in resolving disputed matters whether mediation is required by our courts or voluntarily chosen by the parties.

Attorneys and their clients want mediators who understand litigation.  Our mediators are experienced litigators who understand the day-to-day challenges of a complex or difficult case.  As seasoned litigators experienced in mediation as advocates, we understand how cases are negotiated and the often complicated dynamic of client needs and wants.  Our extensive litigation experience allows us to offer you an effective and creative way to resolve your dispute.

Robinson Gray attorneys are also respected arbitrators.  Like our mediators, our arbitrators have been in the trenches of hotly contested litigated matters and arbitrations.  We understand how the arbitration process works and the circumstances in which the arbitration process is most effective.  We recognize that arbitrations are intended to reduce the costs and length of litigation.  We know that arbitrations can only be successful with an arbitrator who is fair, responsive, and thorough.  At Robinson Gray our top priority is to provide arbitration services that incorporate our knowledge, efficiency, and experience.

Workers’ Compensation Mediation

Our credentials in workers compensation are impeccable. With decades of experience in all stages of workers’ compensation cases, Grady Beard, Kelly Morrow, and Shannon Till Poteat can be a tremendous asset to both employers and workers eager to resolve claims more efficiently and cost effectively through mediation.

Robinson Gray is the only South Carolina law firm that’s a member of the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network, a nationwide and Canadian network of reputable workers’ compensation law firms.

Attorneys Grady Beard and Shannon Till Poteat co-authored of The Law of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in South Carolina, a book considered the preeminent resource on the complex legal issues associated with workers’ compensation in South Carolina.  They have been recognized by “Best Lawyers in America” for their skills in workers’ compensation law and Grady is a member of The College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, an organization that honors only the best workers’ compensation attorneys in the country, those with decades of experience in the practice area.

Grady, Kelly and Shannon are Supreme Court of South Carolina Certified Mediators, a certification that guarantees they have undergone extensive training as a mediator.

To schedule a workers’ compensation mediation, please contact: Jennifer Blackmon at 803 255.8036 or