Non-Routine Litigation

Robinson Gray attorneys have wide experience in a variety of areas that may not regularly arise in South Carolina courts.  Because these non-routine matters are often procedurally complex or involve unique or niche issues, these matters may require special treatment, dedication of resources, and creative litigation management by attorneys who know how to handle these types of cases.  And when these cases are brought, they may take a tremendous amount of resources for an extended period of time.  Bottom line is that we have the resources and depth to staff matters—whether routine or not—with seasoned lawyers who are experienced with the issues or claims that may be unique to the case.  While these types of cases do not come along every day, our lawyers are experienced in a variety of other areas of litigation including:
  • White Collar Crime and Government Investigations
  • Class Actions
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Intentional Torts
  • Education Law
  • First Amendment/Constitutional Law
  • Pest Control Litigation
  • Hospitality/Retail Litigation
  • Workplace Litigation
  • Insurance/Insurance Coverage Litigation