What does it take to do work that matters?
Knowledge. Talent. Creativity. Ethics. Passion. And most of all, diversity.

At Robinson Gray, we’re committed to cultivating a diverse team of dedicated attorneys and staff members. Why? Because we believe that having a staff that reflects the community around us is not only crucial to our success but also key to a comfortable, supportive work environment.

This commitment to diversity means that we embrace inclusiveness at all levels of the firm-from hiring and seeking to retain diverse lawyers and employees to celebrating our differences in race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, and religious preference to creating and maintaining an atmosphere that promotes respect.


Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
Ashley Lamb




Diversity & Inclusion Team Leader
Beth Richardson





  • Sam Wellborn presented on Diversity & Inclusion at a CLE for the Palmetto Paralegal Association (April 2019)
  • “You Are What You Think, So What’s On Your Mind?” presentation to staff by Nichole Davis of the South Carolina Bar (April 2019)
  • La’Jessica Stringfellow wrote an article for the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association’s publication about Jonathan Jasper Wright, a pivotal figure in South Carolina’s legal history. Wright played an enormous role in South Carolina during Reconstruction. The son of a runaway slave, he was the first African-American in South Carolina to:
      • Practice law
      • Try a case
      • Serve on the state Supreme Court

    He was also one of the first black state senators, and later helped establish the first law school for African-Americans in the state.
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  • Robinson Gray has named Ashley Lamb as it’s first Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator.  Ashley, who has worked for the firm for 15 years, also manages all of Robinson Gray’s human relations matters. Now she will work to make diversity an even more prominent part of the firm’s culture, facilitating education and training for employees, joining external organizations, and continuing financial support for and participation in local associations such as the Black Law Students’ Association and the South Carolina Women Lawyers Association.
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  • “What is Diversity and Inclusion and Why is it Important to the Workplace” presentation to staff by Susan Kuo of the University of South Carolina School of Law  (May 2018)
  • Implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion Five (playing of 3-5 minute Diversity & Inclusion videos created by the South Carolina Bar at our team’s marketing meetings) (2018)
  • “What is Diversity and Inclusion and Why is it Important to our Workplace” presentation to attorneys by Jackie Cranford (January 2018)
  • Formation of Diversity and Inclusion Team at Robinson Gray, members include both Attorneys and Staff (2017)