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What’s Happening with the South Carolina Presidential Primaries?

By Rob Tyson

This week, the ELECT Blog will analyze the Democrat and Republican Presidential Preference Primaries.  South Carolina is the hub of the political world for the next 10 days.  Presidential candidates will be flocking into the State in their effort to convince South Carolinians they are the best candidate for becoming the next President.  Needless to say, with so much at stake, there are lots of issues to follow.

For example, the ELECT Blog will discuss the history of the respective primaries; the facts and figures of the primaries; the effect of an open primary; and the impact of social media on the elections, to name a few.  All these issues will comprise pieces of a very difficult puzzle, but pieces that will be fascinating to observe.

As usual, feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Happy Primaries!