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Partisan Gerrymandering Case of Gill v. Whitford set for Oral Argument

The United States Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument for October 3 on Gill v. Whitford, the partisan gerrymandering challenge to the Wisconsin legislative redistricting plans.  As previously stated in this blog, this case has the potential to reshape drastically how congressional, legislative, and local government districts are drawn.  In fact, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said this case has the potential to be “the most important” case the Supreme Court will hear in its next term.

On August 7, 2017, the Washington Post posted an analysis article written by Bernard Grofman and German Feierherd describing how other countries handle redistricting.  Interestingly, one observation is that in most long-term democracies, a politically neutral body draws new districts. In the US, using independent commissions to draw districts is a notion embraced by some government entities, but generally, the persons serving in the districts desire to retain the crafting of new districts.

More to come on this important issue.

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