Commercial Transportation and Trucking

Historically, commercial vehicle accidents result in serious injuries and/or deaths.  Time is of the essence in responding to an accident and preserving evidence that will be critical in the aftermath of the initial investigation. Robinson Gray has extensive experience in handling the logistics associated with transportation-related accidents as our attorneys are available on a twenty-four hour basis to investigate accidents in South Carolina.  Additionally, we have the capability to enlist the services of experienced accident-reconstruction experts, engineers, transportation consultant experts and adjusters, when necessary.

Robinson Gray also serves as Rapid Response Counsel for several trucking and bus companies who know of our commitment to respond promptly and professionally. Research reveals that the public has a pre-conceived bias against truck drivers and the trucking industry.  Suspicions about inadequate training, forged or duplicate log books, and the use of alcohol and drugs by drivers typically taint a jury when deciding liability issues.  Also, public intimidation by the size, weight, and speed of the trucks on the roadway contributes towards their bias as well.  Therefore, the promptness and thoroughness of the initial investigation will be critical with the anticipated threat of litigation.

At Robinson Gray, we can advise and consult with companies about federal regulations and the significance of having written policies and procedures on regular maintenance, repair, and safety issues. As the trucking industry is highly regulated, relevant information about the corporate operations can typically be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Therefore, companies need to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations.

From the accident scene to the courtroom, our attorneys are committed to providing ethical and highly professional representation at rates which are competitive and fair.