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Stringfellow writes of the inspiring story of Jonathan Jasper Wright

La’Jessica Stringfellow, an associate with Robinson Gray, has written an article for the S.C. Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association’s publication about Jonathan Jasper Wright, a pivotal figure in South Carolina’s legal history.

The article appears in the Winter 2019 edition of The Defense Line.

Wright played an enormous role in South Carolina during Reconstruction. The son of a runaway slave, he was the first African-American in South Carolina to:

  • Practice law.
  • Try a case.
  • Serve on the state Supreme Court.

He was also one of the first black state senators, and later helped establish the first law school for African-Americans in the state.

“Justice Wright’s accomplishments epitomize the groundbreaking strides that can be made when an individual is given freedom, opportunity, and equal treatment afforded each of us under the United States Constitution,” La’Jessica wrote. “His life provides examples of the brilliant statesmen, attorney, and jurist any person can aspire to be, given quality education and a will to exceed. Justice Wright’s life is important not only to Black History, but to South Carolina History.

Read the full article at SCDTAA.