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Where Did All the Voters Go?

Based on a recent report by the U.S. Elections Project,[1] Americans had the lowest voter turnout rate since 1942. Interestingly, the top two reasons given to the U.S. Census Bureau why people did not vote were: (1) too busy, and (2) not interested.

Clearly, stopping this trend and engaging more persons to vote in future elections will be a significant objective for all candidates. Finding new and better ways to motivate more persons to vote should be interesting to follow.

Read the report here.

[1] The mission of the United States Elections Project is to provide timely and accurate statistics, election laws, research reports and other useful information regarding the US electoral system. The ELECT Blog does not endorse, support, condone, or take a position on this organization and/or its findings. Rather, ELECT seeks to put it out on the blog and engage one in debate.