Products Liability

At Robinson Gray, we are aware that corporate clients are under constant scrutiny in the design, manufacture, and distribution of their products.  When this scrutiny results in a demand or suit, our experienced attorneys are prepared to advise and defend clients in any forum, whether pre-suit mediation, the courtroom, or boardroom.  We are knowledgeable of the state and federal venues in South Carolina, and this knowledge is critical when evaluating the benefits associated with a settlement versus the risks of proceeding to trial.

From cases involving industrial equipment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, household appliances, deer tree stands, automotive, logging equipment to chain and skill saws, we are prepared to advise and aggressively defend as we strive to achieve results favorable to our clients.  Our clients rely upon our knowledge, work ethic, and experiences in the state and federal courtrooms when entrusting us with their legal matters. We not only have the reputation as litigators, but our varied experiences bolster our reputation as proven advocates in both the courtroom and boardroom.

When clients have national or regional counsel, Robinson Gray attorneys serve as local counsel as we assist in the discovery, mediation and/or trial of various product cases in our state and federal courts.  We bring expertise, knowledge, and commitment to the table with a goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and those firms who associate us on local matters.

In short, we have built our reputation on competency, commitment, knowledge, and trustworthiness.  From the first demand to the courtroom, our top priority is to provide our clients with experienced, practical and highly professional representation.