Redistricting Litigation

Robinson Gray assists State and local governments in their decennial census redistricting efforts to draw districts.

In addition, Robinson Gray represents clients in redistricting litigation, which includes defending redistricting challenges in State and Federal courts. Robinson Gray has also represented clients in challenges brought alleging violations of Section 2 and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.


Did you know? 

After the decennial census, the South Carolina legislature is not the only governing body that is tasked with redrawing districts. Every South Carolina county is also tasked with the responsibility to redraw districts to reflect the population shifts from the 2020 census.[1] As counties across South Carolina undergo the redistricting process, the criteria used during redistricting remains one of the most important aspects of the process… Failure to adhere to federal and state requirements during redistricting will result in challenges to the redrawn districts.  Read more here.