Real Estate

Regardless of the business sector, the attorneys at Robinson Gray understand real estate and prioritize the real estate goals of our clients. Through careful and thoughtful guidance, we offer innovative solutions to help our clients realize real estate opportunities and minimize risk. In short, we help clients understand, protect, and maximize their rights and interests in a wide range of real estate matters.

We use our considerable experience to guide buyers, sellers, owners, landlords, tenants, and lenders through a variety of real estate transactions, including acquisition, development, sale, financing, title insurance, leasing, management, and operation of properties. We also represent clients in their dealings with local and state agencies on issues such as regulatory compliance, land use, and zoning. In addition to our transactional and regulatory work, our litigation team has handled a wide variety of real estate disputes in court, ranging from contract disputes to partition actions to title insurance litigation.

We are excited and humbled when our existing clients engage us in a new transaction. This positions us to offer a client-focused approach whether we are representing commercial developers and advising clients on their real estate matters. At Robinson Gray, we use our years of experience representing many different types of clients to anticipate the unique needs of a particular transaction or engagement.

What We Do

  • Representation of buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, brokers and agents in commercial real estate transactions
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial real estate and asset purchase agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leases, including but not limited to ground, retail, office, warehouse and other commercial leases
  • Negotiating and drafting of documentation for commercial real estate loan facilities
  • Foreclosure and Real Estate Related Litigation, including quiet-title and heirs’ property actions
  • Commercial title examinations and reports throughout the entire State of South Carolina
  • Issuance of title insurance policies throughout the entire State of South Carolina

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