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The Election Process

Originally published in SC Lawyer (September 2016)  By Robert E. Tyson, Jr. Legal issues surrounding elections have grown immensely in the recent past.  With social media creating more attention on the process and the specific candidates, the process for elections must be solid.  In Anderson v. South Carolina Election Commission, the supreme court held, “Integrity […]

ELECT Blog Election Law Essays on Current Topics

Pending Voting Laws May Change the Face of the 2016 Presidential Election

By Rob Tyson Currently, there are a number of legal challenges to voting acts and practices enacted by a number of states.  This National Public Radio article describes some of the major challenges currently pending in a number of states.  The cases range from new requirements concerning voter identification to absentee voting and provisional ballots. […]

ELECT Blog Election Law Essays on Current Topics

Social media’s influence on the Presidential Campaign

By Alexis Lindsay On Wednesday, we wrote about what sources voters use for news depending on their age. A majority of Generation X and Millennials get their news from Facebook. Candidates have taken note of the social media trend, and today, we are looking at how the candidates are using social media in the 2016 presidential […]