Premises Liability

At Robinson Gray, we represent a variety of companies and businesses that are frequently faced with claims that occur on their premises. Our attorneys have experience investigating and litigating these issues, whether it involves a customer who slips and falls on water or a more serious incident that results in death.

We have handled premises liability cases throughout South Carolina in the circuit, federal, and appellate courts. Our team regularly litigates premises matters for a diverse group of clients, including retailers, convenience stores, apartment complexes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, car dealerships, and numerous other private and commercial property owners. Regardless of the client, our goal remains the same: to provide an aggressive defense as economically as possible and consistent with our clients’ expectations of service and risk management.

No case is too small or too large. A sampling of our past cases includes allegations involving slip, trip, and falls; assault and battery; wrongful death; dram shop liability; slander; false imprisonment; trespass; nuisance; intentional infliction of emotional distress; and property damage. We strive to provide the highest level of counsel to our clients in every case, from the highest risk to the minor claims. Our team understands that protecting the client’s reputation, while minimizing risks to their business assets, is tantamount to our representation of their interests.

Representative Matters

  • Represented commercial establishments in lawsuits alleging personal injury due to negligence and/or intentional torts.
  • Represented national retailers and local business owners in lawsuits alleging negligence, malicious prosecution, and defamation.
  • Represented product manufacturers in a variety of liability matters.
  • Represented gas stations and national retailers in variety of premises liability matters.
  • Represented national retailers in claims arising out of criminal attacks by third-parties.
  • Defended commercial establishments against claims of non-compliance with various building codes.
  • Represented convenience stores in property damage claims arising out of the alleged purchase of contaminated fuel.
  • Received a defense verdict in a wrongful death case against a national retailer arising out an alleged assault.
  • Defended various businesses in lawsuits alleging slander, defamation, and wrongful arrest.
  • Represented restaurants against claims of improper service of alcohol to underage or intoxicated patrons.

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