Probate and Estate Litigation

As the population ages, increasingly more individuals find themselves, their businesses or organizations involved in a probate or estate dispute. This can be an emotional and confusing time as clients attempt to implement the wishes of decedents and others. Robinson Gray’s probate and estate litigation team are trial lawyers who can handle a wide range of probate and estate disputes including challenges to a will or trust, life insurance disputes, actions to reform trusts, and disputes surrounding the conduct of fiduciaries. Robinson Gray has represented various parties in probate and estate litigation, including beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees, and holders of powers of attorney.

Robinson Gray’s experience in all aspects of probate and estate litigation allows us to provide the client with a cost benefit analysis of the dispute. We are sensitive to the financial burden that probate and estate disputes place on families and other litigants. We endeavor to control costs and keep you informed of the expense of litigation.  We will help you analyze your matter in such a way to determine how you can most efficiently achieve your goals.

We recognize that many times estates and probate disputes are the result of family disagreements, and that there is an emotional cost to these disputes.  We therefore welcome opportunities to discuss with you the implications for the litigation and your concerns during the process.

Litigation is what we do. But while we will aggressively litigate on your behalf, with your concurrence, we will also explore throughout our engagement opportunities to resolve a dispute without the added cost and emotional burden of litigation. Our goal is to resolve your probate or estate issue to your satisfaction as efficiently as possible.