Wealth Transfer Planning

Individuals and families nearly always want to manage their resources in a way that reflects their own unique values. Some want to secure their dependents’ financial futures, some want to preserve wealth and minimize tax liabilities, and some want to create trusts or philanthropic foundations. Others want to do all.

The attorneys at Robinson Gray recognize and understand the legal and tax complexities, as well as the personal and family objectives, involved in modern wealth transfer planning. Whether it is business succession planning, planning for generational family real estate, or creating a family trust, we can assist with personalized estate planning and tax advice to help accomplish your family and financial wealth transfer planning goals.

We also have extensive experience representing personal representatives and beneficiaries through the probate administration and litigation process. We understand probate administration and will or trust disputes can be emotional, confusing, and difficult, but our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help families navigate the process and finalize family objectives.

We strive to implement your wealth transfer goals through both the drafting of estate planning documents and the administration of your probate estate.

What We Do

  • Wealth transfer
  • Business succession
  • Estate and trust planning and litigation
  • Business and corporate planning and litigation
  • For commercial real estate developers and business owners:
    • Tax credits
    • Grants
    • Other incentives

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