Workers’ Compensation

Robinson Gray takes workers’ compensation seriously.  After all, a business casual attitude is just not going to win your case.  We aggressively seek a favorable outcome for our clients—the employers, insurance carriers, self-insureds, and third-party administrators who have workers’ compensation concerns in South Carolina.

calculatorWe are proud of the workers’ compensation team we have assembled.  We have the skill, experience, and credibility needed to advocate your position.  We provide every client with a high standard of legal representation.  This begins with the understanding that Robinson Gray works as a defense team alongside our clients, which means constant communication and feedback while navigating the litigation process.

Once the attorney-client team has defined its objectives, we analyze the relevant facts and applicable law, consider the anticipated costs and risks, assist in developing the strategy, and recommend approaches to meet these objectives.  Our attorneys take a “hands on” approach to the files that are assigned, working with the client to staff the claim in an appropriate and cost-effective manner, but never mindlessly shuffling files down the line.  We customize a discovery strategy to meet your needs.  We strive to exceed any and all expectations.  We work hard and we are prepared.

We are experienced in every aspect of defending a claim, from the initial strategy sessions, through discovery, and into the trial and appellate levels, all the while posturing for resolution of the controversies at hand.  Our team includes an attorney certified by our State as Civil Court Mediators.  We frequently lecture and speak before audiences of workers’ compensation professionals and conduct in-house seminars for our clients.  We are proud to have been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America.  We are the sole South Carolina representative of the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network, and one of our members is a coauthor of The Law of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in South Carolina, generally regarded as the most comprehensive treatise on South Carolina workers’ compensation law.

Workers’ Compensation Mediation

At Robinson Gray, our mediation service can be a tremendous asset to both employers and workers eager to resolve claims more efficiently and cost effectively. Our mediator and his team will sit down with both sides and help parties bridge their differences. The mediator doesn’t decide the outcome. Instead, he facilitates discussion and dialog that can lead to agreement and faster resolution. Learn More


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