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Tyson and Traywick teach Election Law at UofSC School of Law

In this most unusual and dramatic election year, Robinson Gray attorneys Rob Tyson and Lisle Traywick instructed future attorneys on the complexities of Election Law this summer. “We covered a wide range of topics,” said Tyson, “including candidate filing, candidate protests and challenges, absentee balloting, and redistricting. The students were very engaged, particularly given the […]

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Early Voting – Good or Bad

By Rob Tyson Bob Bissen, an outside consultant to APCO Worldwide, describes the status of early voting across the United States.  He discusses the pros and cons.  Specifically, allowing persons to vote prior to election day makes it more convenient for voters; however, some of the early voters might not be truly informed, given the […]

ELECT Blog Election Law Essays on Current Topics

Where is America getting its Political News?

By Ben Gooding Primary Season is upon us, and as a result, Americans are getting educated on the candidates and issues that will take center stage over the next few months and into the general election in November.  So where does the average American get his news on politics and the government?  Interestingly, the answer to the […]