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It’s Redistricting Time!

  After the decennial census, the South Carolina legislature is not the only governing body that is tasked with redrawing districts. Every South Carolina county is also tasked with the responsibility to redraw districts to reflect the population shifts from the 2020 census.[1] As counties across South Carolina undergo the redistricting process, the criteria used […]

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Tyson and Traywick teach Election Law at UofSC School of Law

In this most unusual and dramatic election year, Robinson Gray attorneys Rob Tyson and Lisle Traywick instructed future attorneys on the complexities of Election Law this summer. “We covered a wide range of topics,” said Tyson, “including candidate filing, candidate protests and challenges, absentee balloting, and redistricting. The students were very engaged, particularly given the […]

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US Supreme Court hears Two Redistricting Challenges

By Rob Tyson On December 5, the United States Supreme Court held hearings in McCrory v. Harris and Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections, two redistricting cases stemming from the drawing of congressional districts in North Carolina and state legislative districts in Virginia, respectively.  Historically, redistricting cases have been known to result in split […]

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Congressional Redistricting Decisions Abound

By Rob Tyson This week, two federal cases addressed congressional redistricting.  The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals held the Ohio legislature could enact a law that reduced the number of days of early voting.  Additionally, a three judge panel in Maryland allowed a law suit that alleges a newly drawn congressional district violates the 1st […]

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Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Legislative Redistricting; Maintains Status Quo for Redistricting

By Rob Tyson On April 20, the US Supreme Court held in Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission that Arizona’s legislative redistricting plan with an 8.8% deviation[1] did not violate the 14th Amendment.  Justice Breyer delivered the opinion for a unanimous court. In Harris, the plaintiffs claimed the independent commission which drew the plan, had […]

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Legal Challenges to Congressional Redistricting Must be Referred to a Three-Judge Panel

By Rob Tyson At the end of last year, the US Supreme Court held in Shapiro v. McManus that any case challenging the constitutionality of the redrawing of congressional districts must be referred to a three-judge panel.  Justice Scalia delivered the opinion for a unanimous court. In Shapiro, the plaintiffs claimed the Maryland congressional plan […]

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Supreme Court Alters Redistricting Landscape

By Roland Franklin and Rob Tyson A recent United States Supreme Court decision significantly impacts redistricting litigation. In Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama, No. 13-895 (slip op.) (Mar. 25, 2015), the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus (“Caucus”) and the Alabama Democratic Conference (“Conference”) challenged the lawfulness of Alabama’s 2012 redistricting plans.  According to the Caucus […]