Healthcare and Professional Services

The healthcare industry is large and complicated industry, and our clients operate in a unique regulatory environment with complex risk management objectives. Whether involving a physician, hospital, long-term care facility, trade association, or contract medical provider, the challenges of regulatory compliance and medical malpractice liability often involve multifaceted legal concerns.

In addition to healthcare providers, numerous other professionals we represent – including directors and officers, accountants, attorneys, brokers, real estate professionals and engineers — have unique needs, and we understand them. Reputations are at stake. Confidential or privileged communications need to be protected. Personal finances may be at risk. We are sensitive to these needs, and work with our clients to develop a strategy to best accomplish their goals.

Robinson Gray lawyers understand the complexities involved in the healthcare business and professional services industry. Our skilled attorneys have the experience necessary to craft the best possible defense, whether the action is a wrongful-death lawsuit against a facility or a disciplinary case that puts someone’s reputation and livelihood on the line. We are committed to helping hospitals, clinics and professionals defend themselves against these damaging allegations, which have potential for significant financial loss.

What We Do

  • Malpractice defense
  • Negligence defense
  • Representation before regulatory boards

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