Some cases defy description.  They may involve one-of-a-kind issues, issues that cut across multiple practice areas, or high-stakes litigation.  Regardless of the case, Robinson Gray attorneys are experienced litigators who are well qualified to handle cases of all types, ranging from routine litigation to class actions and “bet the company” cases. We understand the big picture and know the importance of thorough trial preparation.  We recognize the value of assessing the type of case and recommending a customized plan of action to our clients.  We have the resources and depth to staff our matters with seasoned lawyers who are experienced with the issues or claims that may be unique to the case.

We regularly litigate in all state and federal courts in South Carolina.  Because we have served as both corporate plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel, we have the necessary perspective to defend or pursue any case.  Whether the case falls into a one practice area or involves several practice areas, litigation is what we do.  At Robinson Gray, our top priority is to represent our clients efficiently and effectively.


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